Thread Veins Removal (Face/Body)

Thread veins are fine, dilated veins in the skin, most commonly occurring on the ankles, the outer thighs, or the knees but they can also occur on the face. They may develop in response to injury, such as bruising. Once the bruising heals, thread veins appear at the site of the bruising.

Sometimes hormones play a role. Pregnancy can cause them, as can the onset of menstrual periods. There may be a genetic component as thread veins tend to run in families. They are also more prominent in people who stand for long periods of time and in people who smoke.

Treatments for Thread Veins

Topical Creams – There are over-the-counter creams available to minimize the appearance of thread veins, but there isn’t a consensus as to how effective these are.

Sclerotherapy – Sclerotherapy is a procedure where chemicals are injected into a blood vessel to break them down.

Another form of injectable treatment uses a heated needle.

Cynosure Laser Treatment – A pulsed light laser treatment of about 15 to 20 minutes can be used to remove thread veins in the face. Some facilities offer higher frequency wave treatment that can eliminate smaller veins, giving you back your unblemished, clear skin complexion.