Lip Fillers in London

From your mid-twenties your lips begin to thin and lines develop around your mouth. Its part of the ageing process, but thanks to lip augmentation, age is no bar to fuller lips and an attractive smile. If you thought that more youthful lips required a surgical procedure, non-surgical augmentation is now available through lip fillers.

This offers a safe way to achieve pleasing results, with a noticeable improvement visible after only a single treatment. You can look forward to a fuller pout and more attractive lips for up to a year following the procedure, with some people enjoying the results for longer than this. This is thanks to dermal filler created by Juvederm, which we use at our Dermadoc Clinic in London. If you would like to learn how this lip fillers treatment can help you to achieve the perfect pout, keep reading to discover its benefits.

Lip Injections to Transform Your Smile

Dermal fillers are used to fill out areas of your skin and smooth unsightly lines. Your lips have particular requirements when it comes to using a filler, owing to the lips’ complex network of blood vessels and their need to stay flexible. This is why only a specialist filler, such as that created by Juvederm, is appropriate for cosmetic work involving your lips and the delicate area around your mouth. By using this revolutionary formula, you not only achieve a satisfying smile, but the results last for longer, requiring less frequent treatments.

Lip injections upper and lower lip body using Juvederm Volift by Dr Tukmachi!

Results in picture are immediately after injecting the lips and show minimal swelling. A follow up review is usually required after 2 weeks once the swelling settles.

Not only do Juvederm lip fillers enable you to enjoy lips with larger volume and remove the lines around your mouth, but it offers several other benefits. For instance, you can improve the contour of your lips, so the border surrounding your lips is better defined. Some treatments ignore the corners of your lips, which impacts upon the overall effect you achieve, but this is not the case with Juvederm, as all areas of your lips will be treated by our skilled doctors. If you suffer from dry lips, Juvederm produce a filler called Hydrate, which helps to add moisture to your lips from within. Finally, you can decide how full you would like your finished lips to be; whether you are aiming for a highly natural look or more pronounced lips, either option is possible.

A range of other specialist lip fillers are used by Dermadoc cosmetic clinic and at your consultation you can ask about the options available.

Satisfying Lip Injection Results

Although you will no doubt have heard stories about people who did not receive a positive outcome following their lip augmentation procedure at other clinics, including those who experienced adverse reactions, when receiving high quality lip fillers from doctors specifically trained to deliver Juvederm products, this need not be a concern. The doctors at Dermadoc cosmetic clinic fully appreciate the complexities of the lips and the ageing process, as well as the intricate procedures required to reshape your lips for natural results, avoiding the over-inflated lips associated with unsuccessful enhancement treatments. This is why so many clients choose us for their lip augmentation procedures and our satisfied customers return time and again for repeat treatments.

The smooth consistency of Juvederm gels allows the filler to flow freely into your skin, improving lip volume and definition, and smoothing out lines where needed. Overall it offers a very natural finish, so no one will ever know you have received cosmetic work on your smile, allowing you to return to work or attend a social occasion straight after the procedure. As Juvederm fillers contain a local anaesthetic, the injections are as comfortable as possible for you, which is yet another reason to choose this type of augmentation for your lips.

You only need to read the testimonials from satisfied customers to appreciate the pleasing results achieved using Juvederm and the high standards of professionalism and service delivered by the medical team at Dermadoc skin clinic. However, if you are interested in this treatment to enhance your lips, the best advice is to arrange an introductory visit to one of our clinics. At this no-cost, no-obligation appointment, you can explore this cosmetic treatment in more detail and have all your questions answered. Ring to arrange your free consultation today.

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