Dark Circles (Eyes)

Dark circles under the eyes can age you or make you look tired. They may be caused by too much pigment in the skin under the eyes or volume loss due to ageing or sometimes weight loss. As the skin under your eyes is thin, it is easier to see this colouration or loss of volume loss. Blood vessels under the surface of the skin can also appear dark.


Your lifestyle can influence whether you get dark circles and how severe they are. If you smoke, drink too much alcohol or don’t have a very high-quality diet, you are more susceptible. Excess sun exposure without the use of sunscreen can cause wrinkles prematurely and these can make dark circles worse.

If you are unhappy with your appearance, there are various treatments you can try.

Our Expert Skin Doctors Recommend:

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening: BTL EXILIS ULTRA 360™

Dermal Fillers- injecting a dermal filler into areas of volume loss can help improve the appearance under the eyes and also reduce the dark circles. This procedure is also known as a Tear Trough filler. Our Doctors have years of experience in assessing and treating this problem.


The majority of dark under-eye circles are caused by poor circulation beneath the lower eyelid.

Carboxytherapy is performed by injecting a small amount of carbon dioxide gas just beneath the skin of the lower eyelid, circulation was increased, and dark under-eye circles were markedly improved. The treatment takes only five minutes and is virtually painless and risk-free.

A series of 2-6 treatments spaced two weeks apart is all that is required to achieve a great result.

Skin Care Regime

If you want a solution that is less invasive than surgery, you could try skin pigmentation-regulating creams that lighten the skin. You should use sunscreen to protect your skin from any side effects. Our doctors can advise further on the options here.