Age Spots

Age spots are also called liver spots. These brown or black spots are most common in people over the age of 50 years. Age spots are caused by exposure to sunlight and ageing. They usually occur in areas that are uncovered and absorb the most UV light, such as the hands and face, arms, and shoulders.


If it’s too late for prevention and you don’t like your appearance you can do something about it. There are different treatment options:

Our Expert Skin Doctors Recommend:

OBAGI Skincare

There are bleach-based medications that can lighten your skin. Bleaching lotions can cause blistering in some people so your doctor may advise that you also use sunscreen to protect your skin from these effects.

Laser Treatment

Laser beams can kill melanin-producing cells in your skin and should not damage it.

Skin Peels

Applying acid to the aged spots causes the skin to peel. Afterwards, a new layer of skin will form.