Excessive Hair

There are many different causes of excessive hair growth: it is usually caused by having higher levels of male hormones in your body that would be considered normal. The most common reason for this is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) but it can also be caused by other hormonal or medical conditions. Excessive hair growth is much more common than you might think, but it can still be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Excessive Hair Treatment in London

Sadly, if your excessive hair growth is caused by hormonal conditions it is not possible to prevent it from growing, but it is possible to remove and control it as much as possible. At Dermadoc we can help you to remove and control your excessive hair growth.

Our Expert Skin Doctors Recommend:

Cynosure Elite + Award winning Laser machine

Laser hair removal is far more superior to IPL and the two should not even be compared. It is the GOLD standard treatment to help you remove excessive hair. Our award winning Laser machine is the latest kit from Cynosure- It will remove your hair in a fast and relatively painless way, and the side effects of this treatment are minimal. Repeated sessions are required to ensure that your excessive hair regrowth either doesn’t occur or is minimal, and at Dermadoc we recommend that you book between 6 and 10 sessions to ensure long lasting freedom and results.

Why not arrange a consultation with a Dermadoc medical professional to find out more about how we can help free you from the discomfort and embarrassment of excessive hair growth.