Getting a facelift is one of the most effective ways to tackle the sagging and loss of elasticity that comes with age. However, if you would prefer to avoid the risks and downtime that come with cosmetic surgery, there are two good non-surgical face lift options that could achieve very similar results, without the need for incisions, stitches, or a general anaesthetic.

1. Surgical Facelift: A surgical facelift is the most drastic way to tackle sagging skin. If you decide to go down the surgical route, you will need to have a general anaesthetic while a surgeon lifts and tightens your skin. You will spend at least one night in hospital after the operation and it will take some time to recover completely. The effects will be permanent, but having a facelift doesn’t stop the ageing process. You will probably begin to notice some more sagging starting to happen after about five years.

2. Eight Point Facelift: If you would rather avoid cosmetic surgery, the 8 point facelift is a non-surgical option that can achieve very impressive results. Dermal fillers will be injected into eight carefully selected points around your jaw line, mouth and cheeks. The filler adds volume to lift sagging skin and smooth out wrinkles, giving you a non-surgical face lift. Dermal fillers are very safe and there won’t be any downtime after the procedure. The results are instantaneous and they should last for up to 18 months.

3. Vampire Facelift: Another option for a non-surgical face lift is Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP treatment. The PRP facelift uses platelets collected and concentrated from your own blood to stimulate the natural growth and regeneration processes in your skin. It is also known as a vampire facelift because it uses cells taken from blood. The PRP treatment boosts collagen and fat cell production in the targeted areas. This helps you skin to regain its youthful suppleness and volume, reducing sagging and wrinkles. It can take a few weeks for the results to be visible, but there is no downtime after the treatment and the effects can last for up to 18 months.