Noses are one of the most common reasons why people consider cosmetic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The non-surgical nose job can do a lot to boost your confidence and help your nose to fit in better with the rest of your face.

Why Don’t People Like Their Noses?

The nose is the most prominent feature on the face and it is often the feature that people worry about the most. The noses that are considered most attractive are usually symmetrical, in proportion with the rest of the face, and don’t draw much attention to themselves. If you notice your nose first when you look in the mirror or people comment on your nose, it is more likely to be in a negative way than in a positive one. We rarely compliment noses or consider them our best features, so the best noses tend to be the least visible ones.

The result of this is that anything that draws attention to our noses or that makes it a little bit different from other peoples can be perceived as negative. Some of the most common concerns that people have about their noses are with its size, having a large bump or very hooked nose, having a bulbous tip, being too wide or too flared, and being crooked or asymmetrical. In many cases, these kinds of issues can be addressed with a non-surgical nose job.

However, it’s important to discuss your worries with an unbiased cosmetic expert before getting any treatment. You need to have realistic expectations of what a non-surgical nose job can achieve. You should also consider your reasons for having the treatment and talk about which aspects of your nose you really need to change. Sometimes we focus on the wrong areas or think that our noses are larger or more noticeable than they actually are.

Is Your Nose Really That Big?

One reason why many younger people are increasingly worried about their noses is that we’re often taking selfies. Taking a close up picture with a smartphone camera can give us a false idea of what our noses look like. One study found that selfies actually make our noses look 29-30% larger than they would appear in a picture taken from further away. This shows how important it is to seek unbiased advice before having a non-surgical nose job or similar treatments.

If you visit the Dermadoc clinic then you’ll get a chance to talk about your worries and the different treatment options with an experienced doctor. You won’t be pressured into having any unnecessary treatments and you’ll get realistic, personalised advice on what a non-surgical nose job can do for you. We want you to feel good about yourself, whether that is through a non-surgical cosmetic treatment or simply gaining more confidence in yourself.