If you are self-conscious about your nose, and would like to improve its shape, it may be that the cost of surgical rhinoplasty has been holding you back. If this is the case, consider the non-surgical nose job, a non-invasive procedure that takes only 15 minutes, for around one-tenth of the cost.

The Cost of a Non-surgical Nose Job

Luckily, while a surgical rhinoplasty typically costs several thousand pounds, the cost of a non-surgical nose job is significantly less. This fast and minimally-invasive procedure typically starts at around £400. And since the results last up to a whole year, that works out to a monthly cost of less than £35, and a weekly cost of less than £8—or the price of two or three lattes a week. If the cost of surgical rhinoplasty has deterred you from looking into the procedure, consider that saving just a few pounds a week for a non-surgical procedure can achieve the same effects, with minimal recovery time, no pain, and no swelling.

Will Insurance Cover the Costs?

In the case of surgical nose jobs the NHS may sometimes cover the cost, typically in situations where the surgery is carried out to correct a deformity that may cause health problems. However, this doesn’t apply to the non-surgical nose job, which is a purely cosmetic procedure that isn’t able to correct structural problems with the nose. As a result, the NHS doesn’t cover the cost in any situation, so if someone wants to have a non-surgical nose job the cost must be covered personally. This is usually also the case with personal health insurance, which doesn’t cover the cost of purely cosmetic procedures.

Less Money Spent, and Less Down-Time Too

The good news is, since the procedure costs only a few hundred pounds, it’s much more affordable than surgery, especially when you break the cost down on a per-week basis. It’s more affordable in terms of time, too, as there’s minimal down time and virtually no recovery time. Within just a few days you can see the final results, with no swelling or bruising and no need to take time off work or put a hold on your social life.