Summer is a favourite time of year for many of us, but it can take a toll on our skin. The drier air, warmer weather and more intense sunlight can all damage our skin. Some of the effects will go away quickly, but others can be longer lasting and may leave us with skin problems that require wrinkle fillers, laser therapy or other treatments to fix them.

Looking After Your Skin in Summer

You can use these simple tips to protect yourself against some of the most common issues that affect skin in summer.

  • Protect yourself from the sun: sun damage can be responsible for many of the signs of ageing, including wrinkles and sun spots. It can also cause more serious problems, including skin cancer. Make sure that you wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 during the summer to protect your skin.
  • Protect your eyes: wearing sunglasses can protect the delicate skin around your eyes from the sun. It can also prevent you from squinting, which should reduce the risk of developing crow’s feet. Make sure that you choose sunglasses that contain plenty of UV protection.
  • Drink plenty of water: skin dries out more quickly in hot weather, so make sure that you are drinking enough water. Keeping yourself hydrated will improve the appearance and texture of your skin. You should also keep using moisturiser every day and try to stay away from air conditioning in order to prevent your skin drying out.

What You Can Do About Sun Damage?

If you are already seeing the signs of past sun damage, there are some simple treatments such as wrinkle fillers that can help to tackle them. You might want to consider:

  • Wrinkle fillers to fill out lines
  • Laser treatment to reduce pigmentation if you have dark patches such as sun spots
  • Botox to smooth away lines or to prevent more from forming
  • Chemical peels and facial treatments to treat dry, damaged skin

You can get advice on which treatments are right for you by arranging a consultation with an experienced doctor at the Dermadoc clinic in London.