One of the most popular cosmetic treatments this Christmas has been something that is actually invisible to most people. Rather than just having facial treatments, many women have been visiting clinics in London to have foot cushioning treatments too. A similar surge of interest was seen at this time last year too. It seems that we still love wearing our heels during the party season, but we aren’t willing to put up with the pain and discomfort any more.

How Foot Cushioning Treatment Works:

  • Soft dermal filler is injected into the ball of the foot, providing a cushion that protects the area which is under the most pressure when you’re wearing heels
  • Botox may also be given to reduce sweating and swelling, which helps keep you comfy in your high heels
  • You can go straight back to work or your normal routine, so there’s no downtime at all, although you should avoid very high heels for a couple of days
  • Foot pain should be gone within days and the effects should last for at least four months, but you could feel an effect for up to a year

Who Should Have Foot Cushioning Treatment? Foot cushioning treatment is particularly effective if you enjoy wearing high heels, because it adds some extra protection right where it is needed. When you’re wearing flats, your weight is spread more evenly across the sole of your foot. In heels, the pressure is focused on the ball of your foot. Adding a cushion of dermal filler here should keep you more comfortable.

The treatment can also be a good idea if you’ve found it harder to wear high heels as you’ve grown older. The natural cushion of fat that protects our soles grows thinner as we age. The foot cushioning treatment can replace the lost cushioning to make your feet feel more comfortable again.

Foot cushioning treatment should get you through the party season in both style and comfort, but it’s still important to take good care of your feet. Give them a chance to relax in flats occasionally, and indulge yourself with a good foot rub and stretch when you take off your heels at the end of the night.