Once you've made the decision to have a rhinoplasty or a non-surgical nose job, your next step is to find a suitable plastic or cosmetic surgeon to perform the procedure. To do this, find out who can perform a nose job, and then narrow down a list of candidates to find someone who works for your needs. Rhinoplasty is a highly sought-after procedure, in the top five or six most-often performed cosmetic procedures, so there are many surgeons to choose from.

Surgical and Non-surgical Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty can only be performed by a plastic, cosmetic, or reconstructive surgeon, so when you’re looking for a surgeon to perform your own nose job, your most important initial consideration is to find a surgeon who specialises in facial plastic surgery.

To achieve the best results, it’s important to choose an experienced specialist plastic surgeon who is registered with a professional organisation such as the British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, or the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. This means you get the benefit of a fully-trained and experienced surgeon, with the backing of a registered association.

In the case of the non-surgical nose job, not only surgeons can perform the procedure: other professionals, including doctors, dentists, and some dermatologists, can undertake the training. However some people, for their own peace of mind, prefer to have a doctor or surgeon perform their procedure.

Choosing a Surgeon

Choosing an experienced registered surgeon is important even if you opt for a non-surgical nose job. This is because your surgeon has to be an expert when it comes to matters such as selecting injection sites, choosing how much filler to inject, and knowing what the results of those choices will be. Whether you choose a surgical or a non-surgical nose job, you’ll always get the best results from a fully-trained and highly experienced surgeon.

In both cases, the ideal surgeon is someone who has performed many successful procedures, and who continues to perform nose jobs on a regular basis. This way your surgeon is highly likely to be someone who uses advanced techniques and equipment, and who has the experience, knowledge, and skills to do a great job under any circumstance.