Facelifts remain one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed in the UK, but the number of surgical facelifts being performed is declining. More people are turning to the non-surgical options such as PRP therapy, dermal fillers and HIFU Skinmed treatments that are now available at cosmetic clinics in London. It is now possible to lift and tighten skin without having to go under the knife, which makes it much easier to achieve the results that you want.

Decline in Cosmetic Surgery

New figures from the BAAPS have revealed that the number of women seeking surgical facelifts in the UK is dropping dramatically. The number of facelifts performed in London and the UK dropped by 44% in just one year. Other types of cosmetic surgery such as the brow lift are also becoming less popular among women. However, the number of men having these kinds of procedures has been increasing, although most cosmetic treatments are still performed on women.

Non-Surgical Facelifts

One of the biggest reasons for the decline in cosmetic surgery in the UK is the availability of newer, non-surgical alternatives that can achieve the same kinds of effects. Cosmetic clinics in London offer everything from simple injectables to high tech HIFU Skinmed treatments. These non-surgical facelifts can achieve very similar effects to surgery, without the need for an operation. Anyone who wants to tackle ageing and sagging skin can opt for one of the following treatments instead of a surgical facelift:

  • HIFU Skinmed treatment, using ultrasound to lift skin and boost rejuvenation.
  • 8 point facelift, using dermal fillers to add volume and lift in key areas.
  • Vampire facelift, using platelet rich plasma to boost healing and rejuvenation.
  • Thread facelift, using absorbable threads to lift and stimulate collagen production.

Although these non-surgical treatments are very different, they all share some important advantages over cosmetic surgery. The risk of side effects is lower, the results are usually visible much sooner after treatment, and there is no downtime required for recovery. However, it is still important to consider these cosmetic treatments carefully and to get expert advice from a reputable clinic before deciding which option is right for you.