Facial hair removal can be hard work, but there is a treatment that makes it much easier. The laser hair removal that we perform at the Dermadoc clinic in London can enable you to escape some of the most common problems of facial hair removal.


Facial hair removal shouldn’t have to be painful, but it often is. If you’ve ever plucked out a brow hair at the wrong angle or pulled off a wax strip without being properly prepared, then you’ll know that removing hair from your face can be even worse than dealing with excess body hair. With laser removal, you might feel a strange sensation a bit like having a rubber band gently snapped against your skin, but the treatment shouldn’t be more than mildly uncomfortable.

Redness and Irritation:

The delicate skin on your face often reacts badly to hair removal methods that would work well elsewhere. Skin irritation is particularly common when you’re using hair removal creams, but it can happen with other methods such as waxing too. Laser hair removal is very gentle, so although there may be a little redness right after the treatment, your skin should not be damaged or irritated at all.


One of the most annoying things about facial hair removal is that the hair seems to come back right away. With laser hair removal, this isn’t a problem. Once a follicle has been destroyed by the laser, it won’t grow back. However, other hairs in the area will grow, so you’ll need multiple treatment sessions to eliminate them all.

Ingrowing Hair:

No regrowth means no ingrowing hairs. You won’t have to deal with those annoying hairs that refuse to grow out properly after you’ve waxed.

Frequent Treatments:

Most forms of facial hair removal need to be repeated regularly as the hair grows back. Once you’ve completed all of your laser hair removal sessions, you’ll be freed from this endless chore. Your facial hair will be gone and you won’t have to waste time on it anymore.