Acne is a common skin condition and one that has devastating effects on the lives of men and women up and down the country. Acne is often characterised by red or yellow spots that can leave deep scars on the skin and can often feel very sore and painful too.

Cause and Treatment

It is usually caused by a build-up of sebum within the sebaceous glands of the skin creating an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply. There are many different acne skin conditions, and at Dermadoc we can help you to find the treatment that will have the biggest and most successful impact on minimising the appearance of your acne. At our Dermadoc clinic in London, we will offer you a fully comprehensive consultation to assess your acne and discuss the outcome you are looking for, before choosing the very best treatments to suit your needs.

Our Expert Skin Doctors Recommend:

Laser Treatment

Suitable for all skin types, our award-winning Cynosure Laser Elite machine will treat and minimise the recurrence of Acne by targeting the bacteria which cause it.

Skin Peels

These will also help reduce/eradicate the bacteria which cause Acne to develop. We offer a wide range of skin peels using only elite medical brands such as Obagi and Image Skincare.

You only need to read the testimonials from our satisfied customers to discover just how positively actively treating your acne and acne scars can impact on your life. Our expert medical team can help you to deal with your acne problem sensitively and with discretion and understanding.

FOR ACNE SCARS, we recommend

-Laser Treatment – Laser beams can be fired at the scar to break up excess scar tissue.

-Dermal Fillers – Dermal filler injections can be given to ‘fill out’ pitted scars.

-Derma pen/Micro needling – a ‘collagen induction therapy’ which stimulates collagen production to help improve scarring.